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brianna fletcher

Town ○ Nora.


Nora smiled. ” Girl you have tits now! ” She giggled and looked at the girl. She had become taller, her figure became slimmer and hair darker. ” Hey, did you dye your hair? Looks amazing. ” She smiled streching out her hand to run her fingers through a loose strand of Bris hair. 

” Yeah, sure bbt it is going to take ages, and it might get dark till we get back, you kow. ” She shrugged and looked up at her friend. She really didn’t mind the night, more like she felt sater in the night since at that time it was the safest cver up. ” But yeah, sure. Let’s get moving then. I need fags. Like fuck. ” She shook her head. ” It gets really hard around her to be smoke free. ” She grinned taking out her old cigarette pack. ” I have one, for a crisis. ” She laughed and put it back behind her belt.  ”So, what happened in those years I have not seen you? “ 

"I know right?!" Brianna laughed, showing her teeth which had lost their glowing whiteness, that was another thing to add to her list - toothbrush and toothpaste. And a hairbrush, Brianna’s hair had become a tangled mess that could not be contained. But she wasn’t worried about practical things like that on this trip, just things she really needed.  
"Yeah, I dyed it black." Brianna told Nora, surprised she’d noticed.

"It’ll be worth it, in the end. I think." Brianna mumbled, losing her train of thought. Brianna had never really liked the dark, she always dreamed up the most terrifying things lying in the darkness - it was weird, because now she lived in the pitch black forest. As they started up the forest, Brianna’s fears became a constant thought, the only think occupying her mind, her stomach twisted in uncomfortable knots. 
"A ciggy would save my existence right now." Brianna agreed as they walked. Brianna raised her eyebrows and laughed when she seen Nora’s cig. 
"I would have smoked that by now, if I were you." Brianna grinned, she’d never been one for consistency. Brianna blushed at the awkward question raised by Nora, but answered willingly. 
"I went to the city, I tried to become a dancer, but it’s a big place out there and I was an insect in a world of elephants, y’know? I got an apartment and I made some money, barely enough… I got sick of living hand to mouth so I came back." 

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